The word “tithe” is derived from the Hebrew word ma’aser and it literally means “a tenth.” Everything we have belongs to the Lord, and, as a recognition of that, He asks us to trust Him with at least ten percent of what we receive. If you call Active Church your home there are three ways that you can give: Online, during a weekend service, or by mail."


Online giving is simple, safe and secure. You can setup recurring online giving or make a one time gift.  click here to get started


During our weekend services, we take a time to give back to God with our Tithe. If you are new here it is our custom that we ask you not to give. You may use one of the envelopes provided during the service or use one of our kiosks in the lobby. Our kiosks are safe, secure, and easy to use. For help is using a Kiosk please visit Guest Central.


Tithes and offerings can be mailed to Active Church at the following address."
 ATTN: Finance Department
 Active Church
 12954 Bryant St.
 Yucaipa, CA 92399